In order to save a tree which is suffering from some form of decay, out grown its environment or could just do with a tidy up. it is necessary to reduce the size,  weight or shape of the crown.

Crown Reduction, lifting or thinning

We can install bird spikes and effective scaring devices to keep your tree bird free. 

Whether your hedge needs a light trim, reshape, tidy up or a hard reduction in height we can do it.

Stump Grinding

Anti-bird installation

If the situation of your tree makes it impossible to fell it in one piece we will climb and section fell the tree, sometimes using lowering techniques to avoid damage to surrounding building or trees.

Tree bracing 

Bracing is the most common form of structural support for trees.
It involves installing flexible cables to reduce the chances of failure of defective unions or big limbs with out removing anything.

Dismantling / Felling

Once a tree has been felled, the stump can be ground out.  This will allow the opportunity to plant a new tree in its place if so desired.

Hedge reduction and trimming